The E.VA. Energie Valsabbia Group is made up of a highly qualified team of professionals who are not only world class but also flexible and solution oriented people. This young, dynamic company is structured around four key operative areas: business/commercial developmentlegalengineering and administration and operation.

Business and Commercial Development: Identifies resources and areas in which to develop hydroelectric and photovoltaic green-field initiatives.  E.VA. guides, coordinates and controls planning activities by managing the group’s business plans, forecasting accurately and monitoring financial and related fluctuations.

Legal: E.VA.’s legal department manages relationships with public administration and institutions both at a local and national level; handles procedures for the authorisation of projects included in the business plan.  It provides legal support including risk management to the group in the management of all legal issues, outsourcing when necessary, to a network of qualified  professionals. The legal department also analyses the impact of legislative, administrative and contractual changes and variations.

Engineering: E.VA.’s engineering group is responsible for the planning of plants, defining the technological standards to be implemented and researching innovative solutions that will guarantee reliability and economic efficiency.  It manages all aspects of the construction site ensuring direction and technical management during this phase and maintenance of the plants themselves.  E.VA. has also developed a global supply network and places great importance on managing relationships with key suppliers to provide clients and projects with quality equipment at competitive prices.  

Administration & HR: Responsible for all aspects of the group’s accounting and administrative procedures, managing client and supplier relationships. E.VA. places great importance on management of the selection of quality staff across all business units and this commitment to quality guarantees the integrity and success of the organisation.